Why I am a candidate in the elections to the European Parliament: 

  1. A secure Poland in the European Union. Michał Kamiński has proven that he is able to cooperate with policymakers from other states and build alliances. The crisis in Ukraine shows how important it is to have strong friends in Europe and the United States. As a representative of Civic Platform in the European Parliament, I will continue to strengthen our alliances. In this regard, I am experienced, reliable, and consistent.  
  2. Increasing Local Border Traffic. I would like our neighbors from Ukraine to be able to travel and shop freely in Lublin, Chełm, Puławy, and Zamość. The more of these visitors that we have, the better we will be able to build jobs in the Lublin voivodeship in the services, production, and agricultural sectors. According to the latest data, every individual from Ukraine who visits our country adds 650 złoty to our budget. We have to work to make the Lublin region a window to Europe for our Eastern neighbors; this will require concrete efforts to change EU legislation. 
  3. Increased and simplified assistance for entrepreneurs. The rules governing assistance for entrepreneurs need to be reformed. European funds have to be more equipped and faster in meeting the real needs of businesses. 
  4. Investment in science and knowledge. The universities of the Lublin region are a true asset, which we must use effectively. Efforts have to be made in the European Parliament that will increase the potential of our universities and allow them to cooperate with Europe's leading schools. Over the past few years, the universities and research centers of our region have been granted almost 2 billion złoty, among other to build new laboratories. Now, it is time for the knowledge of the region's scientists, augmented by the modern infrastructure, to serve the economy. In the European Parliament, I will work to attain additional funds from the EU's budget for scholarships for students from the East so that they may enroll in the universities of our region.
  5. Modern agriculture coupled with industry can be a pillar of the Lublin region and our country's economy. In the European Parliament, I will work on changes to the Common Agricultural Policy that will be beneficial to Polish farmers. Now more than ever, European funds have to promote producer groups and the creation of modern infrastructure such as the wholesale market in Elizówce.